Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If i only have 2D1N for Honeymoon

Lately ive been hearing many of my friends and brides had a pre-honeymoon.
Its lika a short escapade from this hussle KL city.
And this mostly happened always immediately after reception.
This also admitting the fact that they need longer/confortable time
To save some money for the real honeymoon.
Or even they couldn’t get longer leave approved.

However after 3 to 6 month, they will arrange their REAL honeymoon.
I called it a real honeymoon as it is more longer and in planned properly with romantic sight seeing & candle light dinner.
Fav destination mostly are London, Paris, Korea and other destination that similar in excitement.
Here, they can plan better quality activities, upgraded accommodation and longer stay period.
So my talk today is, what if bride only have that 2 Day 1 Night?
And typical hotel stay is not what you are looking for,
Here are some of my thoughts
(Please take note that this is purely based on internet review and website photos)
Should you have experienced this, do share for other brides for info purposed.
1. Jonker Boutique Hotel, Melaka
2. Anggun Boutique Hotel KL
3. Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh

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Ainee Cumi said...

Hai Im Ainee, b2b from Ipoh. Duduk je kat Ipoh tapi tak pernah pergi Indulgence sebab tak pernah ada time lagi tapi memang macam best kat sana. Exclusive gitu kan? One day dah kawin semua akan pergi sebab skang ni ya ampun nak kawin memang satu benda yang besar. Memang banyak pakai duit, kena jimat selalu..

Btw Aini ada tulis satu entri berkaitan dengan budget tunang. Just wanted to share, Enjoi..=))



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