Saturday, February 12, 2011

4weddingku Blog Awards Special Gift (Part 2)

Salam everyone...
Gong xi fa chai to my brides & clients...
As promised, here is the Part 2 of 4weddingku Blog Awards post..

First of all.. this is the Special Gift i was talking about. Truly from myself to my 2010 brides. Since i love accessories, so i decided why not share the stuff i love!
So my dear winners...
1. Simply leave a comment to this post and CLAIMED which one do you love most. (First come first served basis).
2. Then email me your address & contact no i can arranged delivery. (Email :
3. Last, i hope you like my small tiny little token!

Winner : Most Favourite Bride 2010

Winner : Most Creative Bride 2010

(Headpiece) Winner : Most Fabulous Award 2010 (by default)

Winner : for Glamourous Bride 2010

Winner : for Most Inspired Bride 2010

So here are facts to the reason of our own winners :-

1. Most Inspired Bride 2010 - Renda Perancis
Somehow when i read her blog, i saw mysef 5 years ago. Collecting & posting beautiful wedding images as 'the goal' for my very own wedding. And i must said most of her choice are simply gorgeous. She not only shares just expensive items, she shares great findings too...
Pssst Cik Belle ... i too with my 'Arjuna' for long relationship (10 years) before we decided to get hitched! So who said people can not stay long for love relationship right!

2. Most Glamourous Bride 2010-Hazlynda Kushairi
OK! In wedding blog world.. who isn't aware of the existance of this beautiful bride? (Her name pun dah strong!). First of all, conratulations on your gorgeous wedding (Yes! she appeared in magazine. So just get it to see more). I dont know her personally but from readings, she seems very humble. My dear lynda... my words to you : "Follow your heart. Although it is on your left, but it is always RIGHT".. Her style of blogging simply amazed me. Simple but real! Just check out he long list of comments already justify why she is our "Glamourous Bride". Keep on blogging dear although the topics might not relevant with wedding anymore. Can'tt wait your story telling your wife journey pulak!

3. Most Fabulous Bride 2010 - Ash and Ann
This need no introduction too from 4weddingku. What is not t be love about this bride? ONE word to describe her blog, her personality, her wedding ... FABULOUS! .. Period ..
Personally, i think wedding are amongst gorgeous wedding i saw via blog in 2010. Sangat original and Chanteeekkk!!!! (jeles-jeles). So she will be a wedding planner soon... 4weddingku supports you! Insya Allah will be featuring your creations here! We wish you good luck & Congratulations dear on your pregnancy!

4. Most Creative Bride 2010 - I is EX`miss bride to be
Our Puan Aim also needs no intro. We have featured her TWICE as monthly blogger. So i think i do not need to deliberate why we choosed her. Love her blog! Love her blog! Love her blog! It is a cute blog! . If you view her Fabulous Flora , you too will fall inlove with her creations! Gorgeous! If i was'nt a wedding planner myself dear, i will be hiring you for my wedding! heheh..
Good Luck dear in your business!

5. Most Favourite Bride 201 - Dia Terima Nikahnya
She is our favourite simply beacuse we feel her blogging. She is like real!. She blog from her heart. (Sorry if others do not feel the same way). Mostly what ever she posted as wedding references, we too love it! I think she must put extra effort in sourcing these beautiful wedding inspiration. They way she made review too is honest! Way to go girl!

There you have our own reason why we choosed them.
Congratulations again & for the rest of the brides. thank you so much for keep on blogging your wonderful wedding journey and mostly thank you for linking us!
We will try to provide the best for all B2B. Thank you for all the trust and thank you for supporting all creations under Label Mya and Dyana.


Cik Belle said...

=) Mya, how sweet of u...! 10years of journey isn't easy aite? Hihi. And still counting for more. InshaAllah.

erm, mya, i would like to receive Gift A: for that vintage girl. Hihi. =) Sorry girls.

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ said...

Mya, thank you so much for the review. Memang tak sangka dapat award tu. Even me myself tak tahu glamorous tang mane ;)

Eventho we're like strangers but we go thru the same journey as b2b and that make all of us united as one ;)

If Atia go for Gift A, i'll go for the simple but yet stylo : Gift B ;)

Xora said...

Hei belle ngelat ni.. pantas sungguh jemari beliau!! hehe..

Kak Mya, terima kasih. walau belum sempat nak selitkan cerita ni dalam blog saya *buat pukal untuk hari ni.*

Kalau hadiah E masih belum berpunya saya sudi menjadi puan punye..

lovelyadibah said...

wah!tau pasal award nie from cik puan lynda then cik belle..then puan xora..simply said..suma nyer saya baca!:) congratulations to all the winners!! u girls deserved it!

aim aris said...

Hi Mya! Thanks a lot for all the compliments, the award and..the gift!

My pick would be Gift D as i love the uniqueness of the design of the necklace. ;)

Thanks a lot dear. :)

.:Cik Puan Ann:. said...

Hey mya :)

soryyyyyyyy sgt Ann lambat reply. Ann tgh loya2 + pening2 stage. Thank God Ann blom vomit lagi so far.huhu

Yup..thanks a bunch for ur KIND & SWEET compliments + the FABulous award to me :)

oh YEAY! Ann mmg SUKA the gift C=for that adorable girl! headpiece is SOOooo Ann.hikhik
again, thank you so much dear :)



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