Saturday, January 22, 2011

Philea Resort & Spa

Have u guys heard on new holiday spot in Malaysia..
It is callled Phile Resort & Spa located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

Judging from the websites and reviews, this place looks amazing! Price per 1 night stay is nothing less than RM600. Super Luxury destination!
May be another option for those who are looking for domestic honeymoon destination? Perhaps.

So, anyone with some experience, do share this with us some review please..
(psst. i heard they do weddings as well)

{Photo surces from Google Image}

note : Yes! Mya already has the winner list. However many appologize as i was super tight with Year end weddings, momsy to 1 year old baby (her tutu party planning), dyana's absence and many more. So please... bare with me! Thank you for your understanding!


Squarecut Ring said...

looks luxurious. tq dear for the review. ^_^

hidden.wing said...

mya, we shortlisted this place for our coming anniversary stay, somehow last minute changed it to other place hehe...btw, if anyone out there nak booking..try get room at Philea as low as rm400+ (including tax + bfast) per night..

luxury spas said...

Getting married is a big chapter of our lives with a big responsibility. And I was thinking getting a luxury spa before the wedding is ideal to make the wedding jitters off and after the wedding, it's one of a romantic get away for couples.

Fie said...

Wow, the place looks amazing.

Oh hari tu I pegi wedding fair kat MV, terjumpa this company yang buat honeymoon packages to Bali (and some other place in Indonesia). Harga agak okay per couple. Resort2 dieorg pun nampak best gile - very luxurious.

4weddingku.mya said...

I think it is a luxury destination.

Dear hidden.wing.
That place of urs i think SO COOL!! even make me wanna go there tooo... and thanx on that agoda tips!

Dear FIE
Thanks for the info. I love Bali very much....

-:monalisacrv:- said...

Hello mya; I went there for my company's annual dinner. Sanggup tu from Cyberjaya to Malacca, just want to experience this new hotel. This hotel just opened for 7 months. The deco is superb. Apakan lagi room deco. Romantic je! :P Memang lain dari yg lain, especially nite time. Pool area sangat cantik. Great customer services. Foods are various and delicious! This is the great escape for someone. Oh ya,2-3 minutes from Air keroh toll and 30 minutes away from town. Overall, I like it! =D

4weddingku.mya said...

Dear Monalisa,
Wow,, bestnyr company trip there.. Thanks a lot for the review...

Btw, sukalah ur wedding photo. I think ur wedding photographer take nice shots!!

choclairissa said...

i went and stayed there before for 3 days...sangat sangat best~

sharon poo said...

i'm having my wedding there, and they offer rm330 for the normal room per night :) and the wedding pakages is really reasonable for such a luxurious venue. they offer ballroom, poolside, and lakeside wedding :)

ashieBee said...

went there for the mini-honeymoon!!! we both love it. very calm, private, romantic gitu :)) and mcm ashylla ckp, booked through agoda. cheaper. hehehehe.

hubby doesnt mind going there again *thumbs up*


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