Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Currently updating..

As i am now blogwalking to bride2be (some already a beautiful brides), ive realised the current listing i have is not being updated. It is more sad to know some already blocked their blog may be for personal reason. :(

Anyway, the list being updated (WIP) so i can carefully choose the 4weddingku Blog Awards 2010 winners. (very excited)

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone SALAM MAAL HIJRAH. Let the new year will be a better year for us. (Insya Allah)

And, As a new year gift, finally i am agreeing to share to all readers, my very own personaly blog. Feel free to visit me & drop me a comment on topics i shared about my real life. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Journey of bride-to-be to 11.11.11 said...

kina pun excited nak tahu sape menang untuk 2010..happy judging..;)

Ainee Cumi said...

Wahh!! Tak sabar nak tahu siapa menang


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