Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Satin Shoes for "Nikah"

It have been very synonym to state white with solemnization ceremony
No matter any type of materials
Accessories of laces, beads, Swarovski crystal and many more will always
An ideal choice of a modern bride

But im not going to talk about that solemnization dress,
The Topic - It will be the not forgetting vital accessories down below.
A pair of white satin shoes!

If your wedding dress designer has prepared u matching pair..
That will be perfect,
But if it is not, or you yourself want something else extraordinary
There are many shoes boutique nowadays
That has a special collection for bridal/wedding

My preferred one are those with Swarovski crystal !
If you are worried or unsure the next usage of the shoes
Not too worried, as it can surely be used for future formal function..
And If white is the issues, it always goes perfect with matching white clutch!

A must have in your white wedding shoes:
1. White Satin (Or Ivory)
2. Min of 2.5 inches of heel
3. A lil bit of special design will be delightful (Ribbon, Curving, Buckles, etc)
4. Other Accessories (Crystal, Silver lining, etc)
5. MOST Important – comfortable and durable

Affordable available Wedding Boutique in Malaysia:-
1. Lewre
2. Charles & Keith
3. Primavera
4. Of course if u have that budget, can always OPT for Stuart Weitzman, Manola Blahnik & Vera Wang

Below are these gorgeous shoes I found online.
I don’t think we have this brand - Aruna Seth in Malaysia!


sueanne sunshine said...

Aruna Seth mmg the best!! But the price wow - mahal sgt!
Jimmy Choos has a lot of wedding range and they are lovely! =)

syanaim said...

::gorgeous..i like the first one..get ready for my wedding next year..weeeeeeeeeeeeeee..::

ctfza said...

wow.. sangat cantek.. gojes sangat.. im searching for flat shoes for my engagement n wedding as my future mr groom tu sama tinggi dengan saya.. taknak terlebih tinggi..sangat susah nak cari.. do you have any idea where can i find them?

4weddingku.mya said...

Dear Sueanne sunshine,

Ye ke Aruna Seth ni mahal. Thanks for the info. Baru berangan nak usha! heheh.. But Jimmy Choo pun still expansive jugakk ler.. But agreed that their shoes are gorgeous!!!! Wish my piggy bank dah penuh!!!

Dear Syanaim
Suka tengok blog awak! Can i link u up? Nak baca ur wedding journal pulak!!

Dear ctfz
Kita memang suka baca blog awak pun! Totally support u on the flats.. tapi engagement theme colour putih jugak ker??? if not.. try to search at Charles & Keith. They have many flats with accessories. Price ranges rm89-rm160. Skrg tgh sale tau!!!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

mya, i belum chaos lagi cari wedding heel, hehe tunggula masanya nanti.. agaknya bagai nak rak cari..

post la ur heel? nak tgk!

Sha Pattinson said...

sangat cantik this shoes sure u akan jumpa seakan-akan kat malaysia ..rajin2 turun padang hehehe

TittleTatlersTalks said...

we love the shoes too

ctfza said...

yeay yeay.. tq much2x :-) weekend ni nak pergi cari.. makacih :-)

ctfza said...

awak.. ive found price for the flat butterfly.. nama n price:

Liana Butterfly Bridal Ballerina

huuu.. cantek.. sesuai dengan harga.. sy dah kempunan... huu

source :

KL outlet (tapi tak pernah check lagi betul wujud ker tak):

102- 103A
Level 1,
Suria KLCC
Jalan Ampang
50450, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +3 603 2166 3309

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