Saturday, July 18, 2009

Choosing Your Official Photographer (Part 2)

(4) FORTH : Ask for Quotation & Appointment.
After u have found one, make an effort to meet your photographer. (Of course after u have received the quotations and it meet your earlier budget). It is important that so can know their criteria! Normally orang seni nie, very characteristic. And tell them what u like and dislike. Eg, tak suka ambik gambar sudu ke, pasu bunga ke, tak suka ambik orang entah sapa-sapa ke, tak suka pose ke etc. Be direct! Cause on your wedding day, ur photographer will be the eye for bride and groom capturing what u have actually missed. Maklumlah.. sibuk senyum and control ayu at that beautiful wedding dias.

This also the right time for you to ask other things playing in any bride’s mind. Eg
(a) How long will I get my photo album done?
(b) Whats the payment plan? Deposit and settlement ?
(c) If he/she from outstation, accommodation & transportation charges

(5) FIFTH : Keep in Touch
Should your wedding time still months or a year ahead, it is advisable to keep in touch. Does not mean asyik harassed them with questions, I mean.. drop by to say hello via sms /ym or actually visit their websites to view their latest jobs.

(6) SIXTH : Lastly, trust your photographer
And that moment finally comes. Trust them and avoid ‘being pushy’ or ‘mengarah’. Believed me, they are expert on their own way. Wait until you see the result!

Good Luck.
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Nurulhuda Abu Bakar said...

takutnya nak fikir when it comes to my turn nak pick photographer nanti, sangat2 la high expectation.. =)


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