Friday, May 15, 2009

The Very Beautiful - Dragon Fruits

{pix found here!}

If FRUITS is part in your hantaran list,
Please do consider,
The very beautiful & sexxy Miss Dragon Fruit.

For me personally,
The colour is simply beauitiful! (That dirty pink with greanish by the ends) will definitely enhance the freshness of the fruits.
It is also not so 'cheapo' fruits to be given as your hantaran.

I like the sweet taste
I like the sexxy colour
I like the fact once its being cut to half, the contrast colours amazed me!
I like as it is easy to storage
I like as it is at 'affordable' price
And I like to always suggest my bride-to-be considering this ...

Mya's Tips
1. Do not buy that many pieces for your hantaran.
(Depenable on size of your dulang/cage/basket)

My suggestion always between 2 to 3 ONLY.

2. Spray some water at very last minute to make it look fresh

3. Could be purchased at many market. My fav place are 'cold storage' and Pasar Chow Kit.

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