Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exclusive Bekas Hantaran Gold

Tepak Sireh Gold Exclusive

Mini Router

Bunga Dulang
Cheque Holder
Bekas Hantaran
Opt for Exclusive Gold with 24k plated Bekas Hantaran
We have the whole set of it
As per above and many more
(Bekas Cincin, Bangle Holder, Alas Dulang, etc)
To compliment you Hantaran


Mogen Ali Rico said...

berapa yer kalo nak sewa dalam 3 hari?

ms syaz said...

hie babe.. blh x u send kt i quo for the gojes mini router. need it dlm 9 bekas.. my email: / drop by at my blog..

thanks.. ;)


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