Friday, July 14, 2006

SIX New wedding trend

1. Did your fiance or boyfriend shower you with flowers during your courtship?..(i know i did) If this is so, hopefully you will have dried and kept them. The dried petals and buds of these flowers can lend a great sentimental touch to your wedding..(how sweet) The dried petals can be used to make small pot pourri sachets as gifts for your guests(...can save budget too) You could also add a small note to the sachets, explaining why these petals are so precious, and how you got them. The buds can be used to make lovely centrepieces for the tables at the reception, or, if you don't have quite this many, an arrangement for the bridal table.

2.Collect some photographs to add to your reception area. These photographs could include baby pictures of you and the groom, or pictures of both of you through your courtship. For a timeless, romantic touch, you could ask guests to bring a photograph of themselves on their wedding day, or use photographs of your parents and grandparents. These can be displayed around the reception room.

3.Put some serious thought into choosing gifts for your bridesmaids. Many brides are finding it more appropriate to match the gift to the bridesmaid, rather than give all the bridesmaids the same present. Choose gifts for each individual person, according to their different personalities and tastes.

4.Consider the new trend of adding some colour to your ceremony(..boringkan asyik satu warna ajer) You could do this inexpensively by lining the walkway, or steps, to your ceremony venue with potted daisies, or any other flowers that are pretty and cheerful.

5.Follow the trend of making a speech at your wedding. Traditionally, the bride does not speak publicly at her wedding, but this is changing. Now, many brides like to thank their family and friends for helping to make their wedding day so special.(make it sweet n simple)

6.Keep a recording of the music played at your wedding reception. This can then be played at anniversary celebrations in years to come (..check out our previous post on love songs)


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