Thursday, December 04, 2014

Life in New York

Sorry for the long silence. I took a pause in living in the metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur
for the experience once in a lifetime being in the Big Apple.
What i can said basically ; it is exactly as what i normally watched (and expected) in Spiderman movie, CSI series or any other movies. The rushing crowd, the cool coffee culture, the stylish New Yorker and all other beautiful architecture buildings that impressed me.

I visited to several museums (like an other tourist checklist), walk at 5th and 6th Avenue and spent an hour at Central Park. Oh it was so cosy and relaxing. Highly due to that cold weather (Only 11c but i extremely feel super cold even with my winter jacket). Would like to visit this beautiful city again Insha Allah.

More photos in my Instagram : @mayahamzah


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aquarius morius said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

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